The digital transformation movement has allowed companies to strategically use technology to significantly increase their performance and reach their business. As a consequence, the accelerated and large-scale adoption of new and varied technologies, such as Cloud, Mobile, Internet of Things and Blockchain, demands new levels of protection from the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information by organizations.

Working with professionals with wide experience in the security market and customers of varying sizes, both in Brazil and Canada, Intelliway and iSecurity Consulting are able to provide, deploy and manage the information security through services and solutions of:

Enterprise Security (IT)

• Vulnerability Analysis, Ethical Hacking, and Penetration Testing
• Risk Assessment and Impact on Privacy
• Application Security and Source Code Analysis
• Cloud Security Health Check (Audit and Cloud Security Analysis)
• Architecture and Implementation of Information Security Solutions
• Managed Services and Information Security Monitoring
• Incident Response and Specialized Support for Information Security

Operation Technology (OT):

• Industrial Security Health Check
• Architecture and Implementation of Industrial Security Solutions
Product & Engineering Cyber Security Industrial Control Systems
Embed Device Security
IT & TA Gateways
• Big Data, Logging and Auditing for Industrial Systems
• Private Data Storage

Selecting the cloud computing solutions that best fit the needs of your business has become a huge challenge in the face of the breadth and diversity of existing vendors. Also, cloud computing architectures planning and implementation activities require different approaches and expertise beyond traditional on-premises architectures.

How do you perform activities such as hiring, deploying, configuring, maintaining, migrating ensuring your cloud computing security without endangering your organization’s information? Intelliway can help you with these tasks through specialized services:

• Cloud Security Health Check (Audit and Cloud Security Analysis)
• Cloud Architecture, Deployment, Orchestration, and Migration
• Cloud Backup and Contingency
• Managed Services and Cloud Monitoring
• Incident Response and Cloud Specialist Support

Cognitive computing can accelerate the digital transformation of your business, making it smarter and more efficient. Our team of experts can help you create or apply cognitive computing solutions to integrate multiple data sources with Artificial Intelligence interfaces quickly, flexibly, and efficiently.

Intelliway can assist you in the digital transformation process by providing services and solutions for:
• Application Development using Cognitive Computing APIs
• Automation and Personalization of Online Customer Service
• Automation and Optimization of Tasks and Business Processes
• Search and Recognition of Patterns and Images
• Natural Language Recognition and Translation

Intelliway is ready to help your business identify and meet the requirements of the key Governance, Risk and Compliance frameworks in the Information Technology market in a practical and intelligent way, through:

• Analysis and Management of Information Security Risks
• GAP Analysis and Best Information Security Practices
• Development of Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan
• Development of Information Security Management Programs, based on ISO 27000
• Process Development and Good IT Management Practices, based on ISO 20000, ITIL, Cobit and other relevant standards
• Development and Optimization of Information Security Management Programs

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